Paul Devlin (the start of a tribute)

I recently lost a close friend and colleague, Dr Paul Devlin from Drama at Magee. I had previously written here that we were collaborating on projects, so I thought I’d write something about him here. It’s not a proper tribute yet, it’s just the start of one right now… Paul was a major creative force […]

Images of Beijing, 2015

I was lucky enough to be based in Beijing during my research leave earlier this year. Quite apart from being really sonically interesting and inspiring, it was also really visually striking (and quite beautiful during the spring). Here are a few assorted pictures. I’ll probably write more about the sights and sounds soon…I’m still processing […]

Embodied Thinking and Music (Part 2): Electroacoustic Music as Embodied Cognitive Praxis (EMS15)

For the last while, I’ve been working with Ricky Graham (Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ) on music performance systems designs that are informed by embodied perspectives on musical structure. Our previous work has centred on traditional tonal music forms as applied to spatialisation (via Emmerson’s space–frames and the embodied image schemas of Lakoff and Johnson). […]

Embodied Thinking and Music (Part I)

Just as I’m starting my research leave, I’m taking a little while to think about embodied ideas as they impact upon music and how my thinking on this has developed over the last couple of years. I first became interested in embodied and environmental perspectives through the work of Albert Bregman. His work on auditory […]

Beijing, Spring 2015

I’m now in my second week in Beijing, settling in to my area at the southwestern edge of the 2nd Ring Road (we’ve found a small one-bedroom flat in a nice modern building) and starting to get my bearings in terms of geography, soundmarks and what to eat! One thing I’ve noticed already is that […]

Study guide: Introduction to Electroacoustic Music

I’m currently in the process of writing some study guides (5-10 page PDFs) for areas related to music technology. This is the first, an introduction to electroacoustic music, including a timeline, choice quotes from key individuals, profiles and introductory definitions of the various schools of thought and practice which make up electroacoustic composition. This is […]

Korg Legacy MS20 at 10

Having a bit of a May bank holiday play with the Korg Legacy collection MS20 for some instant Krautrock and synth drone stuff. Haven’t had a chance to use it in at least a year; kudos to Korg for keeping it updated (it’s 10 years old!) and making it so easy to authorise it on […]

Austins Installation, City of Culture 2013

  An 18th Century Requiem (in  a 19th Century Container) for 20th Century Derry in the 21st Century (2013) This piece was the sonic element of an installation in the former ‘bridal suite’ area of Austins Department store. It was premiered at ‘The Big Shop Show’ (5th and 6th December 2013), a series of situated […]