Recent Events (2022): 

New work (modular synthesis performance for selected intervals from the first 64 harmonics) at Kontakt-Edge, curated by Anna Murray, Kirkos Unit 44, Stoneybatter, Dubin, March 19th.

Recent Events (2021): 

Conference paper at Electroacoustic Music Studies EMS2021 at De Montfort University in Leicester. Full-text paper in published proceedings here: Bridges, B. (2022). Electroacoustic Music as Embodied Cognition: ecological grammars, image schemas and conceptual blending in timbre and compositional structure. In Proceedings of the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network: EMS21: Future Directions of Electroacoustic Music Studies.

Recent Events (2020):

August 2020: Microterritories: Lost and Found Borders was featured at ISSTA 2020 (online)

June 2020: Tracing Beijing was featured at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (online)

Recent Events (2019):

ISSTA 2019 – Perform! took place at the CIT Cork School of Music, with Keynotes Robert Henke (Ableton, Monolake) and DJ ELLLL (Ellen King, Gash Collective). This was my last ISSTA as President; I served on the organising committee, working with Hugh McCarthy at CSM.

The second edition of Oscillations and Modulations took place in Derry, Sept 27th and 28th, featuring workshops, performances, talks and tours taking in the city’s expanding electronic music scene.

Recent Events (2018):

Oscillations & Modulations is a two–day festival of synthesisers and electronic music, which I co-founded with electronic musician, producer and music technology tutor Jonny Delaney and Ulster colleague John Harding, took place 20th–21st March 2018, hosted by Ulster University, Magee campus in collaboration with  various venues throughout the city of Derry.

Recent Events (2017):

New multichannel audio piece Tracing Beijing premiered at Sounding out the Space (Dublin Institute of Technology, 4th November).

Inclusive Creativity: Digital Practices symposium (Hearts of STEM 2017), May 31st at Ulster University, Magee in association with Walled City Music Festival.

Paper (with R. Graham, W. Brent, C. Manzione) accepted for NIME 2017 in Copenhagen (Aalborg University), May 15th-18th.

Currently working on radio play Home with AnNua Productions.

I’m also on the advisory committee for Sounding out the Space (Dublin Institute of Technology, 2nd – 4th November).

Recent Events (2017): 

Staging Sonic Spaces (event), March 7th-9th, Ulster University, Magee, Derry, in association with Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, Spatial Music Collective, Hearts of STEM, supported by the Garfield Weston Trust.

Borders of the Past (2016) at 220 Volta, Imbolc International Music Festival, the Glassworks, Cultúrlann, Derry, Jan 31st, 8 pm – late.

Conduit (2009) at Works from the Irish Spatial Music Collective, Spectrum, NYC (121 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side) curated by Linda Buckley, Jan 13th, 7 pm – late.

Recent Events (2016):

I was involved with the organisation of three conference/festival events at Ulster University this year.

October 31st: International Workshop on Digital Empathy

September 7th – 9th: ISSTA 2016 International Festival and Conference on Sound in the Arts, Science and Technology

Feb 24th – 26th: [HE]Arts of STEM, Belfast and Derry/Londonderry

Recent Events (2015): 

I was on research sabbatical in Beijing for the first half of 2015, part of which involved collecting audiovisual materials for new creative works.

I have also recently been working on the soundtrack for Home, a theatre production based on immigrant/emigrant experiences and identities, performed in Liverpool at the Jo Makin Theatre (Liverpool John Moores University) June 18-20  and in Derry/Londonderry at the Waterside Theatre (July 2–4). Further information and reviews can be found here:

Events (2013/14):

Fissile Materials (2008, electroacoustic), presented at the Stables, Ebrington, Derry, 24th April 2014, and the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, 26th April, in a concert by Rarescale alongside Adam and Mark Melvin’s Fulgurite Chamber

Four Derry Soundscapes: 4 miniature embedded pieces: as part of Paul Devlin’s Austins Project, Derry City of Culture, December 6th, 2013 | An 18th Century Requiem (in a 19th Century Container) for 20th Century Derry in the 21st Century: composition for installation as part of Paul Devlin’s Austins Project, Derry City of Culture, December 5th/6th, 2013

Ripples of Inertia Bells (electroacoustic/radiophonic composition for binaural stereo), commissioned by Resonance FM/Resonance@Void, broadcast November 8th 2013