Spectral Space (2009)

Spectral Space was a site-specific sound installation which I created for the courtyard of the Contemporary Music Centre in 2009. It comprised a multi-speaker sound installation whose slowly evolving microtonal drones were diffused through a number of speakers dotted around the courtyard. This allowed listeners to explore some of the piece’s frequency space through their own movements as the tones reconfigured themselves at a leisurely pace.

Spectral Space

The audible structure of the piece was based on three main aspects:

  • the beating and interference effects of tones with very small frequency separations between them
  • the presentation of long, sustained tones, which encourages the mind to search for novelty within a more generally static environment
  • the movement of the listener around the courtyard, which not only transforms the relative volume levels of the different drone elements but also transforms their frequency content, as the direction-dependent filtering effects of the listener’s ear become apparent

It premiered as part of Dublin Culture Night, September 25th, 2009. You can see a video documentary about the event below (Spectral Space is featured at 4’55):

Also available on Youtube