I compose electroacoustic/acousmatic and acoustic music, frequently using microtones, and I also make sound installations and the occasional video.

I’m part of the Dublin-based Spatial Music Collective and represented by the Contemporary Music Centre. My works have been programmed at festivals in Europe, the Americas and China.

I completed my postgraduate studies in music technology and composition at TCD (MPhil in Music and Media Technologies, studying composition with Donnacha Dennehy, Roger Doyle and Jürgen Simpson) and Maynooth University (PhD on microtonal music, supervised by Victor Lazzarini). I also studied privately in the US with Glenn Branca and Tony Conrad.

Here is a selection of my music, and other artistic projects.

Please click ‘read more’ for audio and video clips and further details.

Anthem and Icon (2016)
Anthem for Diffuse Territories (2016)
Echoes from a Near Orbit (2015)
Home (2015)
Ripples of Inertia Bells (2013)
Austins: Memory and Place site-specific project (2013)
A Space for Tension (2012)
Collapsing Old Buildings (2011)
Making Ghosts from Empty Landscapes('10)
The River Sings (2009)
Spectral Space (2009)
Conduit (2009)
Infraction (2009)
Angels at the Shotgun Wedding (2008)
Fissile Materials (2008)
Structure Fatigure (2007)
Secret Pythagorean Doctrine of Noise ('06)
Continuum (2002)