Microterritories: Lost and Found Borders (2020)

Microterritories: Lost and Found Borders (2020): electronic/electroacoustic

Presented at ISSTA 2020: Sonic Practice Now (online), 14th August 2020

ISSTA 2020 Sonic Practice Now: cover image by Robin Parmar

Microterritories: Lost and Found Borders is a microtonal drone piece for modular synthesisers, a software microtonal synthesiser creating higher intervals from the harmonic series, and a brief soundscape element. 

The title plays on the idea of microtonality (the use of pitch divisions smaller than those in the standard Western scale) as a conceptual and perceptual space in which magnitude is relative (small changes in pitch can produce dramatic changes in sonority), but also on the experience of a personal world rapidly contracting during the lockdown phase of the pandemic. Smaller distances and territories take on a new, and often highly individualised, significance, and the piece is intended as a broader reflection on boundaries and borders as interference effects between differing spaces, places and concepts.

Microterritories: Lost and Found Borders was premiered at ISSTA 2020: Sonic Practice Now (online), August 14th, 2020