Helicopter Study ’83 for Paul Devlin

Helicopter Study ’83 for Paul Devlin (13’53)

Our talks about sound frequently came back to the helicopters. I remember you telling me that you grew up next to a busy heliport. You even went so far as to get up on the roof of your house to watch them take off and land; not the safest thing to do!

I can only imagine what the sound must have been like; so this is an attempt at an impressionistic soundscape of a ‘flock’ of helicopters.

We’d also chat about the various types of presence of helicopters in today’s soundscape in Derry. At least I have some idea what this sounds like!

We’d talk about the particularly diffuse, yet immersive sound quality as a helicopter would draw farther away; a sense of omnipresence replacing a singular location, almost synaesthetically blending with the clouds.

And all the better to blend with memories, I suppose, but you’d have a better way to put that and understand that than I would, Paul!

Take care, mate.