Inclusive Creativity/Hearts of STEM 2017

Inclusive Creativity: Digital Practices (Hearts of STEM 2017) was a public conference which I organised alongside Dr Brendan McCloskey and Prof. Frank Lyons at Ulster University, Magee campus (May 31st 2017). The event was supported by Walled City Music Festival, Garfield Weston (for the Hearts of STEM 2017 programme) and Calouste Gulbenkian (for the Inclusive Creativity project).

ISSTA 2017

ISSTA is happening in Dundalk this year, thanks to the great efforts of Dr Niall Coghlan and the Department of Creative Arts, Media and Music. We have a great lineup this year, with gigs, installations, workshops and keynotes from Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music), Prof. Teresa Dillon (University of the West of England and Watershed) […]

NIME2017 paper with Ricky Graham et al. Exploring Pitch and Timbre through 3D Spaces: Embodied Models in Virtual Reality as a Basis for Performance Systems Design

Just a quick preview of some stuff that’s coming up in our NIME 2017 paper (with Ricky Graham and Christopher Manzione of Stevens Institute of Technology and William Brent of American University). Exploring Pitch and Timbre through 3D Spaces: Embodied Models in Virtual Reality as a Basis for Performance Systems Design ABSTRACT Our paper builds […]

Inclusive Creativity: Digital Practices (31st May at Magee campus)

Inclusive Creativity: Digital Practices (Hearts of STEM 2017) is a public engagement symposium which is being organised by Dr Brendan McCloskey, Dr Brian Bridges and Prof. Frank Lyons at Ulster University, Magee campus on May 31st 2017. The event is being held in association with the Walled City Music Festival and is being supported by Garfield […]

Video of ISSTA 2016 Festival and Conference

Here’s a video documentary about our ISSTA 2016 International Festival and Conference on Sound (made by Pillarpix Media). The event took place September 7th-9th at Ulster University, Magee campus and partner venues throughout the city of Derry~Londonderry, including the Void Gallery, the Nerve Centre, Garden of Reflection gallery, Echo Echo Dance Theatre, the Craft Village, […]

ISSTA 2016 festival and conference: programme

Hi all, This is a post which is mostly about having a handy place to share a summary programme/outline schedule for the ISSTA International Festival and Conference on Sound in the Arts, Science and Technology, which we’ll be hosting in Derry (at Ulster University and a load of other venues) from 7th-9th September. ISSTA 2016 […]

Helicopter Study ’83 for Paul Devlin

Helicopter Study ’83 for Paul Devlin (13’53) Our talks about sound frequently came back to the helicopters. I remember you telling me that you grew up next to a busy heliport. You even went so far as to get up on the roof of your house to watch them take off and land; not the […]

Call for submissions: ISSTA International Festival and Conference (Derry/Londonderry, 7th-9th September)

ISSTA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL AND CONFERENCE ON SOUND IN THE ARTS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: TEMPORARY AUTONOMOUS ZONES 2016 SEPTEMBER 7TH-9TH Keynotes: Professor Leigh Landy (De Montfort University, Editor of Organised Sound) Dr Liz Dobson (Yorkshire Womens’ Sound Network, University of Huddersfield) Headline Workshop: Gregory Taylor (Education R&D, Cycling 74) INSTALLATIONS, CONCERTS, ARTWORKS, WORKSHOPS, PAPERS, DISCUSSIONS Full […]

Infographics for assignment briefs

I’m on a bit of an infographics buzz at the moment…so I’ve made some infographic versions of assignment briefs to help students rememeber what they’re meant to be doing. I’ve had a few responses to my (addmittedly small-scale) survey on this and the response has been pretty positive when the infographics have been used to […]